The name data access does not exist in the current context

This is really strange and inconsistent. Sometimes it runs fine and sometimes I get the following error.

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There is absolutely no change in code and project settings. Just sometimes it runs and sometimes it throws this compilation error. How to resolve this? I have tried that many times.

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It will run once and then it won't run with the error. Reboot the PC? Double check the XAML of that page? If there is an issue in the XAML, that gets generated to code when you compile If that generated code is screwed up then the partial class that is the code-behind would probably get squirrely. Don't know what to tell ya in that case. Its not systemic with Xamarin in general or everyone would be seeing the same thing. ClintStLaurent thanks. I hope Xamarin team gives some clear instruction.

Clear instruction For what? You've got some bad code or markup someplace. Its a problem specific either to your installation or your solution: Not to everyone. So there's little anyone can tell you based on "I get an error". Start with a new solution. Build it 10 times.

The name 'NNNN' does not exist in the current context (C#)

Does it still happen? Make a minor change to one line. Build and run. Does it still fail. Do that same kind of minor change 10 times. Do any of them fail?

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Xamarin studio should tell clear error message. It is giving some error message that cannot be understood. Xamarin team needs to work on this. There is no bad code. It is simple and straightforward code. Even if there is an error then the compiler should tell what is the error as it happens in XCode or Android Studio. But these errors are meaningless and doesn't give any clue where the actual problem is.

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I am getting this error when I try to launch my website using WebMatrix. I have a. Open "dbase". I have a database in my project called "dbase".

I have no web. This causes an error for me too. You need a reference to the WebMatrix. Data namespace:. That will import the Database class so you can use it without fully-qualifying the name. It's not clear why you think you wouldn't need any "imports" by which I assume you mean using directives like the one above but if this is in a plain C file, then you certainly do need them or you need to fully-qualify type names, which is ugly.

Data, but the commenters don't tell you how to fix the problem. Here's how:. If you're not sure where to get it, you can have WebMatrix create a new project using a database-enabled template -- say, Bakery -- and get it out of that project's bin folder. Or you can search your hard drive for the file. This is kind of a bad idea for a site you're going to have to maintain for a long time, but for the purposes of this demo, you just need to add using WebMatrix. Data; to the top of your products page.

It should end up looking something like this:. In my case I had the nugget package installed but it was not finding the WebMatrix. Learn more. The name 'Database' does not exist in the current context? Ask Question. Asked 8 years, 1 month ago. Active 2 years, 8 months ago.

Viewed 20k times. What could be causing this?If you are using VB. Net then the error message is slightly different but means the same thing :.

the name data access does not exist in the current context

It may be inaccessible due to its protection level. Net version of this article " NNNN is not declared ". The compiler does not recognise the variable ' NNNN '. This is either because the variable name is misspelt or because the compiler could not find a corresponding definition.

Here the identifier is defined as ' number ' but used in the code as ' numbr '. The solution is to correct the spelling.

Try replacing " Application " with " Current. Application ". The following table which is not exhaustive lists identifiers together with the namespace and any qualification that might typically be required:.

A less likely cause is that the project itself lacks a reference to the necessary library. This can arise when for example creating a class library and using web namespaces, for example:. The required reference is listed in the table above given under "Possible Cause 1".

If it is not listed then right click on "References" and select "Add reference In the "Add Reference" dialog box that will then appear, the reference you require will probably be on the ". NET" tab. Web" is included in the file is to ensure that "System.

Web" is listed as one of the project References. These notes are believed to be correct for C for the. NET 4. NET 3. NET 2 and. NET 1. For the corresponding VB. About the author : Brian Cryer is a dedicated software developer and webmaster. For his day job he develops websites and desktop applications as well as providing IT services. He moonlights as a technical author and consultant. Home Trouble shooting.

the name data access does not exist in the current context

Cry aboutIs there any update in your question? As cheong00 analysis, you should consider the variable scope. When using "using" inside a method, only if the object is initialised inside the using statement will the object be disposed when the using block closes.

The name 'getStudentData' does not exist in the current context

This can be beneficial to other community members reading this thread. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Asked by:. Visual Studio Languages. NET Framework. Visual C. Sign in to vote. I have copied all this from a tutorial on youtube, where it has very good resultI checked several times but could not find solution.

Generic; using System. ComponentModel; using System.

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Configuration; using System. Data; using System. SqlClient; using System. Drawing; using System. Linq; using System. Text; using System.

The name 'InitializeComponent' does not exist in the current context

Tasks; using System.Last post Dec 11, AM by mohsenhs What am I missing? I think the problem is in your 27th line, with Common. If you look at the top of your code where you have using System. Common; this is already mentioned, so you don't need to use Common in the code anymore, but, as I see, getConnectionString might be your custom made method and Common a custom class you use.

ConfigurationManager doesnot exist in the current context wpf

If thats true, then, if its from other Namespace, add the namespace like using NamespaceName. Check in your project if you have namespace which contains Common class. Print Share Twitter Facebook Email.

Generic; using System. Web; using System. UI; using System. WebControls; using System. SqlClient; using System. Data; using System. Collections; using System. Configuration; using System. Sql; using System. SqlTypes; using System. Add String. Please Mark As Answer if it helped. NET 4. If thats true, then, if its from other Namespace, add the namespace like using NamespaceName; So, take a look around it. Regards, Hajan. Best Regards, Hajan Dont forget to the answer which solved your problem!

You were probably faster. Sorry, I didn't see your post. SSA Contributor.

the name data access does not exist in the current context

I know, but I used this forum now!Am getting all the variables needed to update the DT but just at the moment of executing the updates, i get two errors. The other surprising thing is that on the first round of the foreach, the respective row is updated although still spitting out those errors.

But all the other subsequent rows are not updated. I put the update inside the same foreach that was looping through the rows.

Hence it was confused if k or column meant some type of row. Aug 25, PM DA LINK If your in a foreach loop on datarow in datatable, then "k" would have to represent a datarow in the loop, and it doesn't represent that.

Angular 6 d3 example

Print Share Twitter Facebook Email. Related Links Guidance Samples Videos. The name 'k' does not exist in the current context The name 'column' does not exist in the current context. Here is how am tryna update the DT dbLabelVars. Equals name. SetField "value", value ; What do you think am doing wrong? So what i did was just update the row since i already have an instance to it just at that time foreach DataRow row in dbLabelVars.

SetField "value", value ; row. DA Contributor. If you find the post has answered your issue, then please mark post as 'answered'.I built a new project with a usercontrol, and I can reference the ViewData. When I add this usercontrol to the existing project, I can't resolve ViewData anymore I checked the web. The project reference seem also to be ok.

They also reference the same dll's. Can anyone tell me how to tackle this problem? What else to check?

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Thanks in advance. Jul 02, AM Mudasir. ViewData is data which you are passing from controller action method to view. Also, no error on the first line of the base page. I compared all references, web. Yet, in the project I need to integrate into, I keep getting the ViewData problem the name "ViewData" does not exist in the current context. I just tried it now, and the 'problem' usercontrol parses succesfully in my new project What's the best way to 'merge' my new project into the original one which has dozens of other files?

Jul 02, AM aabruzzese LINK You can drag and drop your directories right into the structure of the new project, you should be able to try that one directory at time. I will follow that approach. I'll post the outcome here. Thanks for the help by the way! Jul 02, AM aabruzzese LINK If you do, remember to rebuild it at each step and see if and when the error does show up again, that way you might be able to narrow down what if anything is the issue.

Your issue quite werid, could you show some code snippets of this issue?

the name data access does not exist in the current context

It may help us to help you. Header Base. ViewTypeParserFilter, System. ViewPage, System. ViewUserControl, System. ScriptHandlerFactory, System. ScriptResourceHandler, System. ScriptModule, System.

UrlRoutingModule, System. Jul 04, AM StackTrace LINK I haven't solved this, but chose a totally other approach to do what I wanted not using the viewdatadictioanry anymore, but substitution variables ata that level. Print Share Twitter Facebook Email. Related Links Guidance Samples Videos. StackTrace None. Both projects use the Framework version 3. Khan Star. View Blog.

NET Teacher.

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